About Susan


  • BA, Brown University (Hispanic Studies)
  • MA Ed, University of Massachusetts at Boston (English as a Second Language)
  • MA, PhD, University of Southern California (Applied Linguistics, Linguistics)

E-mail   Sue_Kalt@yahoo.com                                                            Curriculum vitae

Susan Kalt is an award-winning linguist and language curriculum designer whose research focuses on the sequential language acquisition of Quechua and Spanish. She has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities Documenting Endangered Languages Program, American Council of Learned Societies and Andrew Mellon Foundation, the Foundation for Endangered Languages, London and the Community College Humanities Association. Since 2008 she has worked intensively on and offsite in Peru and Bolivia to document the languages spoken in rural Cuzco and Chuquisaca. Her Andean language documentation project is called Yachay Simi (Wise Language).

She has taught Linguistics and Spanish at Boston College and the University of Massachusetts at Boston, as well as ESOL and English composition for non-native speakers at U Mass Boston, Boston University and the University of Southern California. She is a tenured professor of Spanish at Roxbury Community College, where she coordinated the language laboratory from 2006-2015.

She is an accomplished multi-media curriculum designer, having co-created interactive language learning materials for the Disney’s World of English LeapPad which are widely used by children in Asia. Her Quechua-Spanish curriculum development project in the Andes is called Yachay Q’ipi (Wisdom Bundle).