Singing garbage trucks

We were awakened at 6:30 AM  by loud music blasting from a megaphone on a truck. I was puzzled – could it be a political campaign?  Anywhere else, blasting music so early would count against you! No, it turned out it was the garbage truck.  In the next town over, another garbage truck circulated at night, advertising its presence with traditional  songs.  If you google Peruvian garbage truck, you’ll find a variety of  similar  videos and descriptions. The soundtrack is often interrupted by a cheerful announcement urging neighbors and friends to bring their garbage now rather than later. Litter is a huge problem here, and singing garbage trucks are part of the solution.

1 thought on “Singing garbage trucks

  1. Peter

    Sue: in Otavalo the garbage trucks play music that is the same as the ice cream trucks played in NY. I’m always tempted to run towards the road when I hear them.


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