Killing Time

How does a person who is crazy about teaching and learning languages kill a little time? The people I was supposed to work with haven’t arrived yet, and a friend who is qualified to teach Quechua at the university level has been assigned instead to teach English in the public schools (which she barely knows). So, I figured, why not tag along and visit her classes? I spent yesterday afternoon teaching four English classes to about 120 middle and high school students. It was a blast. And, as always, a revelation. I guess I will never get tired of working with people who are learning a new language.

Then, this afternoon, I got to harvest corn for the first time in my life. All in all a great couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. Linda Smith

    I’m really enjoying following your blog. You are obviously the type of person who, when given lemons, makes lemonade! Keep up the good work!


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